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A Note from Our Board President

$10.75 for 30 eggs? A few days ago, my wife texted a picture to me of the price of eggs at Polly’s. Who would have thought that we would be paying nearly $.40 an egg?! Yes, inflation hits our household food budgets, and it certainly hits the budgets of our FIA clients who are already on the edge. And, it affects FIA’s purchasing power as we stock our food pantry shelves. The needs continue to be very real and we thank you for and ask you for continued financial partnership to best serve our clients!

We are thankful for our financial partners and our gifts-in­-kind partners. I love volunteering at the new Dexter food pantry when donated eggs arrive from local farms, and when produce is delivered from St. Joseph’s gardens, or when the Food Gatherers truck pulls in twice a week. These certainly help with our expenses in assisting clients. Yet, the need is very real and the gap is also very real.

This last year has found so many ways to assist our clients. The new and expanded food pantry in Dexter opened in April coinciding with the opening of the Hilltop View Apartments with 24 new households. We have seen the numbers of those served in Dexter grow steadily each month, already surpassing the Chelsea location in total numbers of clients served.

Did you know that FIA also assists with utility payments so that heat and water isn’t shut off? Did you know that FIA assists with temporary housing so that local homelessness is reduced? Did you know that among FIA staff are 3 full-time Social Workers who walk alongside our clients in helping them navigate life’s challenges so they can realize a preferred future? Did you know that we assist with emergency gasoline and car repairs? Last week, in partnership with a church, we even assisted a client get out of a terrible car deal with exorbitant finance costs; helping break the cycle of negative cash flow; an example of how we help clients move forward.

FIA continues to best leverage your contributions to the benefit of our neighbors in need. Let me ask you directly, please make a contribution today… whether a regular donation or a special year end contribution.  Thank you so very much for your continued support.

Tim Broyles
FIA Board President

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